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3 Not-so-traditional French Toast Recipes

Love French Toast? Then you'll want to visit our website for three unique takes on this iconic way to combine eggs and bread.

There's the traditional version - slices of French loaf or egg bread dipped in a mixture of beaten eggs and milk which has been sweetened with a little sugar and flavoured with aromatic spices. The golden brown "toast" is served with a topping of maple-glazed apples. Dianne's Spiced French Toast is courtesy of Dianne McComb, an egg farmer from Lucan, Ontario.

Then there are two less traditional, but equally flavourful variations on the French toast theme from cookbook author and Professional Home Economist Emily Richards.

The first, Pear and Brie French Toast, is an innovative appetizer made with baguette slices that are first dipped in blended eggs and cream, then cooked, topped with pear slices and double cream brie, and briefly broiled until the brie warms and melts.

Emily's second recipe, family-friendly Pizza Stuffed French Toast, is actually a French Toast sandwich filled with pizza ingredients like pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms and cheese. Kids will enjoy helping to make this quick lunch or simple supper.

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