5 egg recipes kids can make this summer!

This article was posted by Anonymous (not verified) on August 13th, 2013

Are you familiar with, Chopped, The Food Network’s TV show where chefs compete against each other and the clock to make a dish based on a bag of surprise ingredients? Now imagine a kiddie version, in your kitchen. That’s essentially the latest thing my kids are into. 

“Let’s play Chopped” one will announce and all three kids will congregate in the kitchen, assemble an odd variety of ingredients, cook, eat and judge their creations.  Keeping, “in role” as if they were on the show makes for great entertainment too with comments such as, “my opponent seems to breaking under the time pressure”.

While I expect the game of Chopped will continue in our house, I plan to use the last few weeks of summer to set aside uninterrupted time to just relax and have fun cooking with my kids. And hey, they build valuable life skills and I get to save a bundle on camp fees too.

Eggs are often one of the first things covered on the curriculum at culinary school, so that’s where we are starting.   From meringues to quiche to soufflé and crepes there’s a lot to learn. Watch for further posts on our adventures, disasters and lessons learned along the way. The recipes we’ll cook are suitable for older school-agers or tweens but younger kids can take on certain tasks as well such as cracking and beating an egg.

  1. Easy  Crepes Strawberries and chocolate filling makes a perfect seasonal summer dessert but why not go savory too? Once your kids master making crepes, the filling options are endless.
  2. Veggie and Cheese Frittata Made in muffin tins these cook quick and make for a fun hand held snack. Come back to school time, you’ll have another lunch idea at the ready too.
  3. Cheese Soufflé Imagine one day asking your child to make (with your supervision) a cheese soufflé and tossed salad for dinner and they reply “NP mom”.
  4. Basic Meringue My 10 year old daughter can make a meringue but it’s new to her pals who we’re inviting over for a cooking play date. I thought I’d let my daughter take over the cooking demo part (under my supervision).  Oh boy, I’ll let you know how that one goes.
  5. Cooking THE Perfect Omelette Shouldn’t every kid know how to make an omelette before they leave, “the nest”? What egg-based dishes have your kids mastered? What new ones would you like to try? Are you taking advantage of the longer days and more leisure time to cook with your kids this summer? I’d love to hear how it’s going and any tips or lessons learned.