Devilled eggs for Hallowe'en

This article was posted by Anonymous (not verified) on October 30th, 2010

devilled-egg-tea-towel8608_1.jpgI found this devilishly fun tea towel at The Keeping Room in Dundas when I was there last week with egg farmer Dianne filming for CH's Morning Live show. The towel is not cheap ($10.95!!) but it would make a great hostess gift if you're going to a Hallowe'en party this weekend! Or you could just bring devilled eggs and make everybody happy!

If you're looking for a recipe, try one of these links....

  • Curried Devilled Eggs (leave out the chopped ham if you want a vegetarian version). This recipe is from the Eisses family, egg farmers here in Ontario.
  • Devilled Egg recipes Want to put a Hallowe'en spin on those devilled eggs? Just poke a pimento-stuffed olive in each one to create devilled egg eyeballs. Use whole olives or cut them in half or even slices, depending on their size and the look you're after. You'll see some variations in the images below.


Make bloodshot devilled egg eyeballs by sprinkling the "eyeballs" with paprika or cutting little slivers of red pepper and placing them, like spokes, around the olive.


The plastic flies are a dollar store deal. I don't recommend using live ones!!

Wondering about the devilled egg tray? Another purchase from The Keeping Room. It's made of white plastic and is a two-piece deal, complete with a lid that latches securely onto the base. The tray holds 18 devilled eggs and was priced at $5.98.