The egg-laying rooster!

This article was posted by Anonymous (not verified) on April 23rd, 2010

Here's one from the 'things that make you go "Huh??" file'!

Seems there's this rooster named Gianni in Italy who lost all his female friends to a wily fox. For whatever reason (i.e. he wanted to pay homage to the hens, or keep up normal daily life as it had been before the incident, or maybe he was just lonely, poor guy!), Gianni has started laying eggs!!

In case you need a quick birds-and-bees lesson, here goes. Hens (the females in the chicken world) are the egg layers. Roosters (the males) are not needed in order for hens to lay eggs. Egg laying is just something hens do, without help from a rooster, or hormones, steroids, and the like. 

If a rooster and hen mate, the egg the hen lays might be fertilized and would then hatch into a chick instead of just being an egg for eating.

On a typical egg farm, there's no need to have roosters around as they don't serve any essential purpose. (Sorry guys!) So, you can see why feathers would be a-flappin' over a rooster that starts laying eggs.

Here's a link to the story about this gender-bending rooster.

Some of the comments following the article offer possible explanations for the rooster's bizarre behaviour. Like maybe the rooster isn't a he after all, but a dominant she - a chicken with rooster characteristics.

Oh oh! Gianni will undergo some tests to see if his/her egg-laying ability can be explained scientifically.