Eggs make top food trends for 2014

This article was posted by Anonymous (not verified) on January 28th, 2014

Great news for egg lovers! Eggs are expected to be front and centre on restaurant menus this year, according to food trends for 2014. Versatile, locally produced and enjoyed the world over, eggs offer chefs endless options from ethnic inspired dishes like Korean Bibimbap (rice, veggies & beef topped with an egg) to adding a fried egg to the all familiar burger. We’re told to watch for eggs showing up in stir-fries more often too. Wouldn’t you just love to learn more about how eggs are cooked up in kitchens all over the world? And just in case you are wondering, another restaurant survey done by the National Restaurant Association in the US lists French Toast and Eggs Benedict as perennial faves that are likely here to stay (phew!). What will be new are eggs on the lunch, dinner and drink menus. Why drinks? Egg whites give drinks pizzazz by adding volume and froth. Personally, I think the restaurant industry is just catching up with all us smart home cooks who have long loved to enjoy eggs at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Have you seen eggs on lunch, dinner or drink menus lately? Tell me about it.   Carol