It's World Egg Day!!

This article was posted by Anonymous (not verified) on October 8th, 2010

Today is World Egg Day.

Egg lovers and egg 'appreciate-ers' will surely want to mark this day in some eggs-tra special way! Let me make a few suggestions for you:

  1. Enjoy eggs at one or more meals: scrambled eggs for breakfast......egg salad sandwich for lunch......quiche for supper......lemon meringue pie for dessert......pickled eggs for a snack
  2. "Entertain" your friends and family with an egg joke. Maybe one of the following. Or maybe not! :) As you'll see, I'm desparately in need of new material. If you know any better egg jokes than these, please send them to me! Here's what I've got. Where did the chicken go on her vacation? Sandy Eggo. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the Shell station. What do you get when you cross a chicken with a martian? An eggs-traterestrial.  See why I need new material.
  3. Use one of the following in conversation: Get Cracking. Eggs-hilarating. Egg-erific. Eggs-actly. That cracks me up. Egg-streme. Egg-straordinary. Grade A.
  4. Get to know one of our Ontario egg farmers.
  5. Join Egg Farmers on Ontario's Facebook fan page.

On Facebook, tell us your favourite way to eat eggs for a chance to win a prize today. Mine is devilled eggs! Just don't think I'm eligible for that prize! Have an egg-cellent day!