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Devilled eggs 7 ways

Devilled eggs 7 ways

  Devilled eggs are back in style and with new flavor twists on this quick and easy-to-make appetizer, you’ll want to bring them to your next pot luck this festive season. Unleash your culinary creativity. While mayonnaise and mustard is a great stand-by combo to mix in with the egg yolks, how about adding crab meat, smoked salmon, olives or jalapenos. I love that you can make devilled eggs ahead of time. In fact, you can hard-cook eggs and they’ll keep for a week in the fridge (leave the shell on).  Impress your guests without spending a bundle. Eggs are always one of the best buys in the grocery store, another plus, especially this time of the year! Wondering if devilled eggs are a healthy choice? The hunger-curbing protein in eggs may just make them one of the top healthy choices at the potluck buffet table.  Stick to ¼ cup (60 ml) mayonnaise per 12 eggs. That works out to just 1 tsp (5 ml) mayonnaise per devilled egg. For beautiful eggs follow these tips:

  • Use older eggs. The shell peels off easily leaving a smooth egg white.
  • To avoid the greenish ring, check out the perfect way to hard-cook an egg.
  • Pipe the filling. It’s an extra step but quick and easy to do. The results are worth it!
  • Garnish your eggs. One thin sliver of a vegetable or herb will do the trick: green onions, red onions, red cabbage, yellow pepper, carrot, parsley, dill or olives.
  • Think presentation. Set the eggs over a colourful napkin and fill the platter with parsley, curly lettuce, grape tomatoes or baby carrots.

Devilled eggs 7 ways:

  1. Basic Devilled Eggs
  2. Curried Devilled Eggs
  3. Devilled Eggs with Crab Meat
  4. Zippy Devilled Eggs
  5. Smoked Salmon Devilled Eggs
  6. Devilled Eggs with Shrimp & Olives
  7. Herbed Devilled Eggs

Eggs are a great canvass for many flavor combinations. Have some fun creating your own signature devilled egg that shows off your personality or flavor inspiration from your cultural heritage. Will devilled eggs make a comeback to your potlucks this holiday season? Tell me about it.

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