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About this blog and the bloggers

Egg Farmers of Ontario has created this blog to provide folks with a variety of information about eggs; from recipes to nutrition to questions about egg farming in Ontario. Packed with cooking tips and techniques, interesting egg gadgets, ideas on entertaining with eggs, frequently asked questions and much more. Simply put - this blog is 'Everything Eggs!'. You're invited to visit this blog often. Please feel welcome to add your comments and/or questions! Bloggers: Dr. Mike Petrik is an Ontario veterinarian who has worked with egg famers for over a decade, helping them provide the very best care to their hens. He started his blog 'mikethechickenvet' to interact with non-farmer types who want to know more about laying hens. On his blog you can find up-to-date and accurate information about chickens, egg farming and why egg farmers do what they do. Dr. Petrik believes that farmers are obligated to look after their animals in a way that provides the best care possible, while producing enough safe food for the population. He is so committed to animal care that he is also pursuing his Masters of Science degree in animal Carol Harrison is a registered dietitian with over 15 years experience working mainly in nutrition communications. She is passionate about making healthy eating easier for busy families. As a mom with three kids of her own (and let it be known, one is even a picky eater!) she totally gets moms' reality. Carol firmly believes the only food worth eating is food that tastes terrific! Carol led the development of Fuel up for Fun, a children's resource that was recognized by her peers for excellence in nutrition education, winning the National Speaking of Food and Eating Award. She is also a regular contributor to the popular Toronto Star column, The Dish. You can find out more about Carol by visiting