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Glossary of Cooking Terms

Blend - to combine two or more ingredients completely Chop - to cut into pieces of varying size Combine - to mix ingredients together Cream - to mix with an electric mixer or spoon until thoroughly blended and light in texture (usually refers to a mixture of fat and sugar) Cube - to cut into cube-shaped pieces Dice - to cut into small cubes Fold - To blend one ingredient into another without stirring or beating by using a rubber spatula to gently lift and turn mixture Grate - to shred into small pieces Julienne - to cut into thin matchstick pieces of uniform length Mince - to cut very finely Mix - to combine ingredients by stirring Saute - to cook quickly in a small amount of fat Season - to enhance the flavour of a food (e.g. with salt or pepper) without significantly changing its flavour Shred - to cut into thin pieces using the large holes of a grater Simmer - to cook just below the boiling point Stir - to mix without beating