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Branana Yogurt Muffins

Bet you can't guess some of the main ingredients in these muffins! You're probably thinking,"You're kidding, right? Doesn't the name kinda give that away?" Yes, it does! Just checking to see how effective the name really is. Bran, bananas and yogurt. A wholesome trio of ingredients that help make these muffins nutritious, moist and delicious. The recipe is from Ontario pullet farmers Bill and Cindy Gysbers of Ilderton. (Pullet farmers raise the chicks that grow into the hens that lay eggs.)

Frittatas might be easier to cook than pronounce!

Frittata. I've heard this word pronounced many different ways including these creative "variations":  Frateeta, Freheeta, Frejeeta, Faheeta, Fajeeta, Fritterita..... Here's how it should be said: Frih-TAH-tuh. Or Free-TAH-tuh (with a little roll of the "r"). So now that we know how to say it, what IS it? Check this out!

Veggie Frittata

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing


Looking for a great dessert for a dinner party this holiday season? This Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing was a hit when I brought it into our office. The recipe, which I've slightly modified from the original, is from egg farmers Harold and Joan Walker of Mt. Brydges, Ontario. It first appeared in a cookbook of egg farm family recipes published by Egg Farmers of Ontario five years ago. One bite and you'll taste why this moist cake is a favourite of the Walker family! Click here for the recipe.

A Recipe for Fruit Cake

Fruit cake fans will love this "no-chopping required" recipe which produces a moist, golden cake. It was contributed to Egg Farmers of Ontario's "Grade A" Family Favourites cookbook by Walter and Renee Stalenhoef.

Golden Fruit Cake

(Makes one fruit cake)

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Apple Coffee Cake recipe from egg farmers Luke and Sandra

When's the last time you ate a slice of coffee cake?

If it's been awhile - or worse - you've never tried coffee cake, why not give the recipe for Apple Coffee Cake from egg farmers Luke and Sandra from Watford, Ontario a go?

This time of year, with apples fresh from the orchards, the cake makes an especially nice snack - served with or without a cup of coffee! 

How to separate egg whites and yolks

When a recipe calls for the eggs to be separated, it means they should be cracked open and the whites should be separated from the yolks. You can do this a few ways: Seperate an egg using the shell halves: * Crack the egg open by tapping the egg on the counter, or by hitting the middle of the egg on the edge of a glass bowl, or with the blade of a knife or handle of a spoon or fork. * Holding the egg upright over a bowl, carefully separate the halves, letting some of the white drop out, but keeping the yolk in one of the halves.

Chocolate butter tart recipe

Just added my blog to Beer and Buttertarts - a site that compiles Canadian food and drink blogs in one place so it's easier to find out what Canuck bloggers are writing about every day. In honour of the affiliation, I'd like to say I'm going out to do something really Canadian like eat a butter tart and toss back a bottle of beer, but since I just don't like the taste of beer (I know! Very un-Canadian!), I'll just have to content myself with the butter tart part of that Canadian equation.

Five questions about breakfast

I came across this Friday 5 post about breakfast today and yeah, I know it's Monday, but I figured I'd participate anyway. The idea behind Friday 5 is to consider the five questions that are posed (five new ones are asked every Friday) and answer them in a  post on your blog. So, here goes...... 1. Oh my goodness! You have to run out the door right now and you haven’t eaten! Before dashing out, what do you grab to wolf down on your way?

The Scrambled Egg Sandwich: Perfect for Leftovers

So - what if you one day you misjudged how hungry you were, and after eating breakfast, or breakfast-for-dinner, you were faced with a little mountain of leftover scrambled eggs. Okay, this probably wouldn't happen very often (if ever!), but just humour me. Say you were hosting a brunch or cooking for a small crowd (as I was a while back), and you ended up with some leftover scrambled eggs (as I did). Hmmm. What to do? You could feed the eggs to the dog or any other animals that happen to be around.

Looking for an afternoon tea sandwich? Look no further!

A few posts back, I promised to provide a recipe and tips for making egg salad tea sandwiches. Tea sandwiches are the dainty type. A few bites and you're on to the next one! They're perfect for an afternoon tea tray, a bridal or wedding shower, or graduation party. Pinwheel egg salad sandwiches are the ideal tea or fancy sandwich. They look much more fussy than they actually are to make. You'll need horizontally sliced bread to make this style of sandwich. Get the bread cut at the bakery or in the bakery department of your grocery store rather than trying to cut it yourself.

Lemon Curd for Scones

This week I taught a couple cooking classes on Afternoon Tea - that delightfully civilized and genteel affair resplendent with crust-trimmed finger sandwiches, scones with jam or lemon curd and Devonshire cream, and one or two-bite sweets and dainties. I'll write more in another post about making pinwheel and herb-crusted triangle egg salad sandwiches for just this type of occasion. (Sounds complicated? Not a chance!) Today I'm posting a recipe for lemon curd - a smooth, lemony spread perfect for slathering on warm scones. You can also enjoy it on toast or as a filling for tarts and cakes.

No, you're not crazy... Here's why your Omega-3 eggs may smell like fish

Occasionally I'm asked why omega-3 eggs sometimes taste or smell a little fishy. A little background first. Omega-3 eggs are produced by feeding hens a diet enriched with flaxseed. Flaxseed contains omega-3 fatty acids, and these fats are transferred to the eggs the hens lay. Omega-3 fat is also found in fish. In fact, there is a brand of omega-3 eggs on the market in Ontario laid by hens whose diet includes flaxseed and fish oil. It makes sense that these eggs might smell a little fishy since the omega-3 in them comes from both fish oil and flaxseed.