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Churro French Toast Roll Ups

A fun and easy take on the classic Mexican dessert, churros. Delicious cinnamon butter makes for a sweet surprise in the centre of these rolls which are dipped in egg, fried in a pan and sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar. Served with a side of maple syrup or melted chocolate, this dish is like eating dessert for breakfast!

Chocolate Lava Cake

These decadent and rich Chocolate Lava Cakes are easy to make and even easier to enjoy! Their warm, molten centres make for a melt-in-your mouth experience that will surely impress any guest. Serve with vanilla ice cream for a beautiful contrast in temperatures.

Chicken Egg Foo Yung

Skip the takeout line and try this easy homemade Chicken Egg Foo Yung. This “fluffy egg pancake” combines chicken, mushrooms, bean sprouts and bok choy, topped with a simple and flavourful sauce. A sprinkle of sliced green onions tops it off to perfection.

Butter Tart Squares

A simpler take on the classic Canadian butter tart. These squares feature a sweet and gooey filling that is complimented perfectly by a crisp shortbread crust. Take these squares up a notch by adding chopped pecans or raisins.

Breakfast Burrito

Looking for a breakfast recipe the whole family will love? A savoury mix of scrambled eggs, black beans, corn, peppers and tomatoes come together, wrapped up tight in a whole wheat tortilla - perfect for busy mornings and families on the go. Serve alongside fresh fruit or a glass of orange juice for breakfast, or with a side salad for a quick dinner.

Sweet Potato Hash

This super easy Sweet Potato Hash is prepared, baked, and served on one pan! This complete breakfast is veggie rich and full of protein, making it a hearty and satisfying way to start the day. It makes a great dinner too!

Let's talk yolk colour

We’ve been there too.

You come home from the grocery store to crack open a new dozen of eggs, only to notice that instead of the sunny-side-up yellow yolk you’re used to, you see a pale looking yellow.

So what’s the deal? Why is this yolk such a different colour? Is one colour better to eat than the other? Should I be buying a different type of egg?

These are all valid questions, and luckily, they are all fairly easy to answer.

The most simple and straightforward answer: Go ahead with your breakfast.

Seven slow-cooker recipes that will warm your soul (and stomach)

With fall in full swing and the cool weather taking over, it’s time to celebrate our favourite time of year: slow cooker season!

We love the ‘set it and forget it’ lifestyle, so much so that we wanted to share some of our go-to recipes, so that after a long day of not wondering what to eat for dinner, you can enjoy the spoils of the slow cooker.

Homemade pet treats for the fur baby in your life

Good nutrition is as important for pets as it is for people.

Treats can be a healthy part of your dog, cat or horse’s diet…and they love them as much as we humans do. Most veterinarians recommend that treats make up no more than 10% of a pet’s diet. It is best to offer your pet only healthy, nutritious treats and avoid high fat or high sugar ones.

Get Creative with Quiche this World Egg Month!

With World Egg Month upon us we wanted to give you one more reason to celebrate all things eggs!

Eggs are one of the most versatile and affordable proteins, so what better way to show them off than the ever so elegant quiche.

Don’t let its name and reputation scare you off. Quiches can be as easy as one, two, three - literally.

Step 1: Prep & mix your fillings.

Bread it and forget it!

When it comes to fried food, we don’t like to mess around.

While eggs may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fried foods, in order to get  that perfectly crispy outside, they’re a must have when it comes to DIY breading. So whether you’re making your Nona’s famous chicken parmesan, having a fish fry at the cottage or making Superbowl appetizers like Jalapeno Poppers, this cooking technique can help you take your fried food game to the next level.

So for a basic breading, you’ll need:

Five easy steps for a craft carton caterpillar

Now that the school year is coming to a close, it’s time to start thinking of ideas to keep the kids busy this summer.

We have a great rainy day craft that is not only relevant to your kids, but will kick your own nostalgia into high gear. Try this Very Hungry Caterpillar egg carton craft.

What you need:

Add some picanté to your picnic this summer!

We all know summer to be the season of cookouts, campfires and bbqs, so keep this appetizer in the back of your mind for when company is coming.

This tortilla is an updated version of the classic Spanish style omelette. You can serve it as an appetizer or even as a light lunch on those hot summer days.

Take it to the next level with a spicy garlic mayo (recipe below)!

Leftover Easter eggs? Try out these recipe ideas using hard-cooked eggs!

If you've got some hard-cooked eggs leftover from Easter that haven't been left unrefrigerated for more than a few hours, you can turn them into some tasty devilled or pickled eggs pretty easily. Whether you prefer a classic devilled egg or one of the variations below, there is sure to be a devilled egg to suit your taste. As for pickled eggs, once you see how easy they are to make, you'll be opting to make your own instead of buying the expensive version at the grocery store.

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