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5 Original Day Date Night Ideas for Lovers (& Haters) of Valentine’s Day!

(Plus 5 hangouts that are perfect to get away from those lovey-dovey couples).

Let’s get one thing straight; a lot of people have a love-hate relationship with February 14th. So whether you love or hate it, we’ve got some activities for you to help celebrate (or get it over with).

Planning for Success with our New Meal Planner

What are your goals this new year?

Something to do with eating better or exercising more? Yeah, us too.

The New Year is a fresh start that gives everyone chance to change old habits or start doing those “someday” activities.

As part of Egg Farmers of Ontario’s fresh start, we’ve been updating our website. New recipes, new features and a new look, all to help make your egg-sperience better!


Snow Day Alert! Try this Egg Carton Christmas Craft

With the holidays just around the corner, entertaining kids can be a chore.

We’ve come up with a clever craft that will keep the kids busy and can be done with just a few materials, all of which can be found around the house!

Check out the instructions below for how to make these fun (and easy) egg carton Christmas crafts!