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10 Back to school lunch ideas using hard-cooked eggs!

Back to school is hard. Not only do you have to get your own life in order before the bus comes, but you also have the make sure the kids’ homework is done, they’re up, dressed and been fed  breakfast – and then there’s the dreaded lunches.

Worry not fellow parents, we’re here to help! In our house, we’ve learned to always have hard cooked eggs on hand. These handy little snacks are versatile enough that the kids won’t know they’re eating the same thing every day!

Take a look at these ways to make back to school lunches easy just by using hard cooked eggs!

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Making Substitutions for Different Egg Sizes and Weights

Egg Sizes

A hen lays about 320 eggs during her laying cycle. These eggs are not all the same size. Generally, as a hen gets older, she lays larger eggs.

Eggs are categorized by weight, not size or shape. Sometimes eggs in the same carton may appear to be different sizes, but their weight will be within a similar range.

The following minimum weights are used to classify eggs:

Meal Planning Template

Egg Farmers of Ontario is pleased to bring you Meal Planning Made Easy, based on Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide. This resource was created in partnership with the Home Child Care Association of Ontario and developed by Carol Harrison, a Registered Dietitian.

What's Inside?

This resource includes:

Get Cracking!

Egg Farmers of Ontario is happy to share our delicious recipes that are sure to eggs-cite you. Here you can also meet our farmers and watch them at work, ensuring Ontario hens have the high-quality care they need to provide fresh eggs to your local grocery store.

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