Veldman Family

Dan & Glynis
1st generation egg farmers
Oxford County
White eggs, pullets

How does it feel to provide eggs for Ontario families?

"We feel privileged to supply Ontario families with clean, safe eggs. We take great pride in our farm and the welfare of our chickens. From growing healthy crops, to producing high quality, balanced feed, to making sure our barns are clean and disease free. Our goal is to pass this commitment on to our children so they can supply eggs to future generations of Ontario families!"


Kayla and Josh, what are you most excited about as the next generation of egg farmers?

"We’ve grown up watching and helping our parents on our family farm. We couldn’t wait to be a bigger part of it. We are so very proud to continue our family tradition helping feed people. We love what we do and are so excited about learning more every day."

Veldman family