A Dozen Gifts for the Egg Lover in Your Life

It’s probably not a surprise that we know a lot of people who love eggs. Many enjoy eggs and why not? They are delicious.

With such eggs-quisite taste, these eggs-ceptional people are often difficult to shop for. So, what do you buy for the person who appreciates the many benefits of the egg? 

What does an egg mean as a gift?

It might be helpful to understand why the egg has always been held in such high esteem (and we promise, no more egg puns)!

The egg is so much more than just delicious and nutritious. Did you know that in many cultures, eggs are a symbol of hope, purity, new life and renewal? Even dating back thousands of years, ancient beliefs in places like Egypt, China and Australia attributed the simple egg to the creation of the universe!

How do I give eggs as a gift?

In more “modern” times, the egg is still a big part of many customs and traditions, including the more familiar egg decorating at Easter. To offer an egg to another has long been a tradition to bring good luck and hope to the beneficiary of such a gift.

So, what does all of this have to do with gifts for the egg enthusiast in your life? Lots – we promise you!

We’ve got plenty of egg-inspired ideas, some of them reflective of the customs and beliefs of long ago, that share the love of the simple, pure and wholesome egg.

What do you buy an egg lover?

For the art lover

1. Salvador Dali Poster 

This copy of the famous painting Metamorphosis of Narcissus shows the flower emerging from the egg as a symbol of hope and renewal.

2. Faberge egg

You don’t have to be royalty to own this replica of the famous Faberge egg! It won’t go for millions at auction, but the recipient of this gift will appreciate the thought.

3. Crystal Eggs

Any egg lover will enjoy the beauty of these crystal eggs.

Eggs you can wear!

4. Classic fried egg t-shirt

You can’t go wrong with a classic fried egg t-shirt!

5. Egg socks

Dress up your outfit with egg socks that include a devilled egg.

6. Egg-in-a-pan earrings

They say accessories make the outfit and that will certainly be true with these cute egg-in-a-pan earrings.

Egg gadgets and kitchen items

7. Egg top slicer

It’s always a challenge to cut the tops off of soft-cooked eggs. This egg top slicer makes it easy!

8. Poaching pan

Speaking of a challenge – get the perfect poached eggs every time with this handy egg poaching pan.

9. Egg separator

Separating eggs to make delicious recipes shouldn’t be a chore. Now it isn’t, with this 3-in-one egg separator!

Egg home decor

10.Egg rug

Why should the kitchen have all the fun? This cute egg rug will liven up any room!

11. French toast pillow

Who doesn’t love French toast? Especially when it’s a pillow!

12. Egg blanket

Turn eggs from comfort food to a comfortable blanket for your favourite egg devotee!