5 Reason to LOVE crêpes

This weekend while shopping for a stock pot, I also came home with a crêpe pan.  Busy with my head down, serious about comparing stock pots, my daughter wandered down the store aisle and holding up a crêpe pan cheerfully said, “Look! We can make crêpes. Let’s get this mommy!” I know she’s thinking of a recent trip to Quebec City where we had our fill of sweet and savory crêpes, so of course I say yes. And here begins our latest fun food adventures making crêpes!  First up in this series of posts on crêpes, I share why I think crêpes are terrific. Next, we’ll dig into how-to tips and delicious recipes.

  1. It’s easy. You have eggs, milk and flour in the house almost all the time right? Then, you can make crêpes.  It’s not a difficult skill to master.  If I can do it, you can too.  Within 15 minutes you’ll have tasty crêpes ready for filling.
  2. Kids love them. Make-your-own meals like pita pizzas, omelets or tacos are always a hit with kids. Now you can add crêpes to the list too.
  3. Save time.  Make the crêpe batter or the crêpes ahead of time. The batter will keep for two days in the fridge (just give it a good stir before using).  When you are making crêpes, make a double batch. Wrapped air-tight in plastic or foil, layered with wax paper, crêpes keep for three days in the fridge or a month in the freezer.
  4. Crêpes can be healthy. Made with several eggs, the batter is full of 14 essential nutrients including hunger-curbing protein. If you’re making a dessert crêpe, go heavy on the seasonal fruit and light on the ice cream or whip cream or skip both and just dust the tops of the crêpes with icing sugar. For savoury crêpes, add herbs to the batter to up the antioxidants, load on the seasonal or frozen vegetables and choose healthy protein options like cooked skinless chicken, shrimp, trimmed beef or salmon.  Rather than skip the cheese, use less. A little cheese adds a lot of flavor.
  5.  Crêpes are a great way to use up leftovers. On those clean-out-the-fridge nights mix and match leftovers for crêpe fillings.

Can’t wait for another post with recipes and filling ideas? Here are a couple recipes to get you going: Easy Savoury Crêpes Easy Sweet Crêpes