Get your back to school game on

It’s every parent’s three favourite words. Back. To. School.

So long to the “I’m bored!” and “there’s nothing to do's!” of summer. With the comfort of the fall routines returning, so too comes the dreaded school lunch. But fear not! We’ve got tips and recipes to save you time and effort this school season.

Pro-tip: Keep a stash of hard-cooked eggs on hand. These are great to pair with some veggies and use for lunches or can be eaten on their own as a snack!

Watch Registered Dietitian Shannon Crocker explain why eggs are such a great snack option!

Are you on a time crunch to make lunch for yourself or the kids? Those same hard-cooked eggs can be used to make some quick and easy lunch!

1. Try this easy Ham & Cheese Wrap
Keep everything fresh (and not soggy) by keeping all the ingredients stored separately in small containers within the lunch box. Kids can assemble the wrap when they are ready to eat!

Ham and Cheese Wrap

2. Upgrade your traditional egg salad to these Egg Salad Creatures!
Whether it's for your kids or for a kid at heart, this creative twist on a classic will bring a smile to their faces.


3. Let your kids play with their food with these Egg Flowers!
This lunch is high in protein, veggies AND fun.


4. Up your salad game with this Sweet & Spicy Egg Salad!
Make enough of it for dinner and you can send it for leftovers!

Sweet Spicy Potato Egg Salad

Still looking for more? Send them off with a bagel, an egg and one of our microwave egg cookers and they can make their own sandwich, however they like it! Check out how the cookers work below!