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Skipping breakfast, why it's a bad idea

Sometimes we need a little nudge like this study to find ways around our typical excuses for skipping breakfast. Turns out it’s men aged 19-30 who are the least likely to eat breakfast with about 1 in 5 skipping breakfast on any given day. Just last month the Harvard School of Public Health reported that after following over 29,000 “healthy” men from 1992 - 2008 (16 years), those who skipped breakfast had 21% higher risk of type two diabetes than did men who ate breakfast. This was true even after accounting for known risk factors including BMI (Body Mass Index - weight/height ratio). It makes you wonder if you don’t feel you have time to eat breakfast, how would making time to manage diabetes fit into your schedule!  Pass the eggs - I’d choose breakfast! 5 Easy ways to make time for the most important meal of the day:

  1. Pack a breakfast to-go or set the table the night before.
  2. Rise and shine just 7 minutes earlier.
  3. Have everyone’s gear (nap sacks, lap tops  etc.) at the door the night before.
  4. Always keep hard-cooked eggs in the fridge and French toast in the freezer.
  5. Always keep a bowl of fruit out near the front door.

  Tip: Not hungry in the morning? Try this. Start small. Think mini meal. In time you’ll be used to wanting to eat in the morning. Carol Reference: Eating patterns and type 2 diabetes risk in men: breakfast omission, eating frequency, and snacking. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. March, 2012

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