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Teacher Resources

Caring for Hens

A brochure that describes how egg farmers care for their hens.


Grade "A" Goodness

Handy tips for cooking, storing, and freezing eggs to maintain their Grade A goodness.


Farm to Table

Learn how your local Ontario eggs get from the farm to your table in 5 days.


The Egg "Eggs-Perience"

Discover the journey every egg takes to get from our farm to your table in 5 days.


A Guide To Choosing Eggs

There are more varieties of eggs available in Ontario than ever before – all produced by local farm families.



Have some science fun using eggs!


Egg Farming Classroom Learning Package

Egg Farmers of Ontario (EFO) in partnership with Ontario Agri-Food Education Inc. (OAFE) have developed an interactive egg farming "Eggs-perience" with their new “Egg Farming in Ontario Learning Package.” Geared for grades 1,2 and 3 the package is now available!

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