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Teach Kids to Cook this Summer With These Easy Recipes!

Need ideas to keep busy these last few weeks of summer? After paying for camps and a summer holiday you may be looking for fun, free things to do. Why not use some of those lazy days to plan, shop and cook a snack or a meal together? As a dietitian and parent, I can talk about nutrients in food forever but if kids don't learn how to cook those foods, really what's the point?! Here are some tips I've learned along the way:

  1. Start simple. Try cooking with eggs.  Get ideas below.
  2. Get organized ahead of time. Kids get bored fast.
  3. Keep it positive. Expect a mess and mistakes.
  4. Think safety. Always supervise your child.
  5. Offer feedback. “Good job cracking that egg.”
  6. Give your child a task. We learn better by doing than watching.
  7. Don’t rush. Give yourself more time than you think you’ll need.
  8. Make it social. Invite a friend over.
  9. Clean up, fun? Play music. Wiggle while you work!
  10. Do it again! Make a plan to cook again soon.

Egg-cellent Recipes Kids Can Make: Egg burger  Pizza omelette  Egg filled tortilla cups Also try General cooking tips. Carol

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