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What's for breakfast: the protein comparison

Eat some protein at each meal. That’s pretty standard nutrition advice these days. The main reason being protein helps us to feel full, longer.  Given that, I thought it would be interesting to compare typical breakfast protein choices. Now, these are all excellent choices and we should be choosing a variety of protein-rich foods. That said, I still find this quite interesting and a good reminder to include eggs as regular part of your protein mix. Take a look at how much of each of these food (and the calories) you’d need to eat to get the same amount of protein in two hard-cooked eggs.

Food Amount of Protein Serving Size Calories
Eggs 12 g 2 141
Cheddar Cheese 12 g 50 g (about 2 “thumbs”) 202
Fruit Swiss Style Yogurt (2-4%) 12 g 2 x 175 g individual cups (350 mL) 296
Natural Peanut Butter 12 g 48 mL (3 tbsp) 296
Almonds 12 g 93 mL (123 almonds) 325

  Note: Sweetened baked good account for about ¼ of our calories and they are no where near as nutrient-rich as any of these choices listed above. So if you are looking to improve your breakfast eating habits, I’d be thinking about swapping a sweet baked good with a whole grain and pair it with a piece of fruit and one of these protein choices listed above. Carol Source: Data based on calculations from Health Canada, Canadian Nutrient File, 2010. Food codes: Egg: 130, Natural Peanut Butter: 6289, Almonds: 2536, Cheddar Cheese: 119, Yogourt: 6295.

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