Announcing Winners of Our 2024 Easter Tree Contest!

This article was posted by emoralesneyra on April 15th, 2024

Egg Farmers of Ontario is excited to announce this year's #EasterTreeContest winners!

Thanks to everyone who joined us this year. Your creative entries were truly eggs-ceptional!

Indoor Category

1st Place 

Daniela T. from Woodbridge, ON

indoor winner 1


2nd Place 

Jeff T. from Sarnia, ON

Indoor winner 2


Outdoor Category

1st Place 

Cheryl M. from Toronto, ON

outdoor winner


2nd Place 

Candice K. from St Catharines, ON

outdoor winner 2


Community Category

1st Place 

Julie L. from Timmins, ON

Community Winner 2024


The Easter tree created by the group of students in our class serves as a symbolic representation of their diversity, unique thoughts, and the sense of community fostered at La Clef. Here are some key points highlighted by the students about how the tree reflects these aspects:

  1. Diversity: The tree represents the diverse backgrounds, situations, and life circumstances of the students involved. Despite these differences, they come together to create something meaningful and beautiful.
  2. Unity: The tree symbolizes the unity and togetherness of the students at La Clef. It showcases how people from various backgrounds can come together and form a warm, supportive community.
  3. Mutual Help: The creation of the tree also reflects the spirit of mutual help and collaboration within the group. The students worked together, drawing upon each other's skills and strengths, to turn a seemingly simple task into something wonderful.
  4. Skill and Creativity: Through this activity, the students showcased their skills and creativity in transforming an ordinary task into a meaningful representation of their shared experiences and values.

Overall, the Easter tree serves as a powerful symbol of the inclusive and supportive environment at La Clef, where individuals can express themselves, collaborate, and create something meaningful together.

P.S. They even wanted to include our classroom mascot, Raticus. LOL