Celebrating Canadian Agriculture Day

Guest blog - written by Egg Farmers of Ontario Chair and Perth County egg farmer, Scott Graham.
This article was posted by sbrien@getcrac… on February 14th, 2017

Thousands of people across Canada are celebrating today, the first ever Canadian Agriculture day.

But they’re not just celebrating farmers, they’re celebrating everyone who has a hand in providing food that Canadians are lucky enough to grow, sell, provide and eat in our great country. They’re thanking the veterinarians, the nutritionists, the mechanics, the marketers, the salespeople, the truck or tractor drivers, the neighbors who lend a helping hand, the buyers and sellers, the grocers, and most importantly you.

Every person who is involved in the growing or producing of food, fuel or any other by-product is able to do what they love, because you buy what they produce. So today, we’re not just celebrating the people who are involved in agriculture, we’re celebrating everyone who impacts agriculture.

Thank you. Whoever you are, wherever you are. If you’re buying food (hopefully eggs), thank you.

Thank you for buying our food, our products, and our skills. Thank you for allowing us to provide choice in what you’re eating tonight, because in Canada, we’re lucky enough to have aisle upon aisle of safe and affordable food, a lot of which comes from our own backyard.

I could not continue to produce the high-quality and safe eggs you want if you did not continue to support my family, my farm and my industry by choosing to pick up a carton of eggs at your local grocery store.

So tonight, when you sit down at your dinner table, and you give thanks to the people who grew the veggies in your salad, or the hamburger, or whatever you’re having. Just know that we’re thanking you right back.

So, cheers and bon appetites!

Scott Graham