It's World Egg Day!

This article was posted by Anonymous (not verified) on October 14th, 2011

bigstock_egg_12878183_0.jpgThe goodness of eggs can be celebrated any time (and all the time!), but egg farmers in Ontario have chosen October as Egg Month. Worldwide, today - Oct. 14 - is officially World Egg Day! How does one celebrate World Egg Day? By enjoying eggs at one meal today - at least!! You may have started the day with eggs, or lunched or snacked on eggs, or perhaps eggs are on your dinner menu. After all, eggs are the anytime food. That's in addition to being nutritious, versatile, economical, and of course, delicious! And really - that's just the the tip of the iceberg eggshell when it comes to the benefits of eggs. If you need inspiration to create an egg-ified recipe or egg-centred meal, head to our recipe website. Or, while you’re here, why not also read about the egg farmers profiled on our website? Then let us know how you celebrated World Egg Day! As for me, I'm off to make a Hash Brown Frittata.