The Laviolette Family: Proud to be egg farmers

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Like his children, Marcel Laviolette has been working on the farm since a very young age.

Growing up, Marcel knew that he wanted his kids to be involved on the farm as well. Working together as a family, everyone is involved in the daily chores and decision-making. The way he and his wife Carolle see it, if any of their four children wish to be involved on the farm in the future, it would be very rewarding for them.

“We’re here to produce good quality eggs for Ontario consumers,” Marcel says.

Providing eggs to their community is a very fulfilling experience for the family because they are solely responsible for those eggs. The hens are cared for, then the eggs are collected, graded, packaged and sent to the grocery stores all from their farm, and people know to look for their eggs in the store.

“The most rewarding thing is that people ask for our brands.” he says, “People like what we do.”

The Laviolette’s have recently upgraded to a state-of-the-art enriched colony barn. This new barn gives the hens’ access to perching and nesting areas as well as more space, though Marcel notes, the birds may not always use it because they tend to group together.

The barns are checked daily to monitor things such as feed and water, as well as how the hens are behaving. Marcel has the ability to monitor his hens 24/7 and thanks to technology, he can check barn temperature and hen feed and water intake even when he is not there.

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