Meet the Kootstra Family

This article was posted by sbrien@getcrac… on March 9th, 2017

Rob and Janet Kootstra, along with Rob’s brother Rick, own Kootstra Farms Ltd. The farm was started by Rob’s parents, Richard and Rachel, in December 1969. Along with their children Lauren, Hayden and Matthew, the Kootstras raise pullets, and hens that produce white eggs. In the past though, they have produced brown eggs, as well as Omega-3 eggs.

In the early days, the farm had a three-storey layer barn, and life on the farm was much more labour intensive. Egg gathering, feeding and cleaning was all done manually. Today’s operation is much more automated, a change that the Kootstras greatly appreciate.

Egg options have increased for everyone, says Rob. While there used to be only two options – brown and white eggs, today, he says, people can choose from all sorts of eggs. Kootstras say they have noticed the wide variety of eggs available in stores today.

The Kootstras really enjoy life on the farm, they particularly like being their own boss and working with family. “We are thankful to our parents for introducing us at a young age to the egg farming industry and allowing us to continue on the family business in a successful industry.” says Rob.