Store fresh eggs!

This article was posted by sbrien@getcrac… on March 16th, 2018

We all want the freshest food possible to feed our families and when it comes to eggs, there are no eggs-ceptions (pardon the pun)!

This wholesome little package inspires many things; baking, quiches, omelettes, you name it! But eggs-actly (sorry, did it again!) how fresh are the eggs you get in the grocery store?

Fortunately, you don’t have to look too hard for the answer. Every carton of eggs is marked with a Best Before date, that tells you how long the eggs will maintain their Grade A quality and freshness.

Some eggs are also marked directly on the egg with a tracking number that provides information such as the Best Before date and even what farm the egg came from.

Eggs in Ontario go from farm, to grading station, to your grocery store shelves, ready for purchase, in only 4-7 days. Sometimes, during certain seasons, it’s even faster!

Want to find out more about how fresh your eggs are? Egg farmer Chris Mullet Koop explains how fresh eggs in your local grocery store are.