Use empty eggshells as mini plant pots

This article was posted by Anonymous (not verified) on April 22nd, 2010

It's spring. It's Earth Day. In the mood to plant a little something? This is an easy Earth Day or any-day project that's a bit different. A tad out of the ordinary. And it comes with a bonus. Once you're done planting, you can make lunch with the "leftovers"! The idea is to use emptied egg shells as little plant pots to grow grass or sprouts.Here's what you need: eggs spoon soil egg carton with its lid cut off grass seed small watering can plastic bag and twist tie (optional) coloured markers Here's what you do: Crack the top off the pointed end of the egg using a spoon. Discard the small end piece of shell. Empty the contents of the egg (reserve the egg to scramble, fry, poach, microwave, etc. after you're done planting). Carefully rinse and dry the inside of the shell. Spoon soil into the shell, then place the shell in the egg carton. 

eggshell-plant-pots-2_0.jpgeggshell-plant-pots-1_0.jpgSprinkle grass seed over the soil and pat it down gently. Water the soil lightly. Place the egg carton in a well-lit and warm location (e.g. a sunny window). Monitor the progress of the grass every day or two for the next couple weeks. Water as needed. Or if you're like me and are only allowed to have fake plants in your house because you couldn't keep a plant alive if your own life depended on it, try this. Cover the carton with a plastic bag and close the bag with a twist tie. Water droplets will collect on the inside of the bag and will keep the soil moist. Leave a small hole at one end of the bag (or create one by poking the bag) to let fresh air in.

After the grass has grown a couple inches (5 or 6 cm), it will look like hair. (Maybe not your hair, but for sure mine! See picture on the left sidebar!) If you want, use the markers to draw a face on the eggshell.