Eggs are good for business

A Dozen Reasons to Have Eggs on the Menu:

  1. Low cost and high profit potential.
  2. Very little fluctuation in cost.
  3. Easy and quick to prepare.
  4. Safe and dependable supply.
  5. Consistent quality.
  6. Versatile — menu item possibilities are endless.
  7. Nutritious — can be included in a “healthy choices” menu section.
  8. Popular menu choice for customers.
  9. Great for “take out” items, especially at breakfast.
  10. Easy, effective business builder to offer an egg “special feature item” daily.
  11. As your partner in business, Egg Farmers of Ontario has recipes, promotional ideas and materials to help boost sales of egg items.

Eggs are Good Business

For a foodservice operator, eggs represent low food cost and high profit potential.

Compared to other protein sources, egg menu items offer a high profit margin and also deliver excellent perceived value to your customers.

Eggs are a natural breakfast choice for foodservice, and breakfast offers operators an excellent opportunity to build their business. According to research done by CREST/NPD Group, breakfast is the fastest growing daypart in Canadian restaurants, with a 25% share of meal occasions in 2007. Breakfast food costs are lower than any other daypart, meaning operators can make more money by serving breakfasts that include eggs.

Below is an example of the profit potential and food cost of an Egg Burger.*


Quantity in Recipe

Ingredient Cost




 Cheese Slice



 Burger Bun



 Lettuce, Tomato

1 slice each


Total Product Cost 


Selling Price 




* Food costs and selling price are examples only, to calculate your food cost and profit insert your ingredient cost and selling price.

Egg on your profits on by serving eggs at breakfast, lunch or dinner, or all day!