Bring the luck of the Irish into your home this St. Patrick's Day!

For St. Patrick’s Day we want to help you not only spend some quality time with your kids, but also recycle something that (we hope!) you've already got at home. Empty egg cartons!

garland on mantle

We promise this will be an easy craft. All you need is:

  • an empty egg carton
  • green paint
  • scissors
  • glue
  • single hole punch or sewing needle
  • string or thread

That’s it! 

craft items

Step 1

Start by cutting out the individual cups from the carton. Cut four equi-distant slits in each cup (these will separate the four leaves of the clovers).

green crafts for kids

Step 2

Flatten each cup and cut off the sharp edges to make them round. Additionally, cut out a stem for each shamrock from another part of the egg carton.

crafts for kids

Step 3

Paint everything green! You can paint both sides of your clovers or just one.


st patrick's day crafts

Step 4

Once the paint is dried, use some glue to attach the stems to each clover.

st paddy's day crafts

Step 5

Once the clovers are attached, you can either punch a hole through with a hole punch or use a needle and thread.

green kids crafts

For this garland, we made two holes with the needle and threaded the clovers through. This keeps the clovers facing forward and makes them easier to arrange on the line.

Once all clovers have been added, hang your new decoration. Maybe it will bring you some of the luck of the Irish!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!