Celebrate the Grade A goodness of eggs this Local Food Week

A simple way to find fresh, local eggs.
This article was posted by sbrien@getcrac… on May 29th, 2017

How many of you buy eggs at your local grocery store or supermarket each week?

We hope everyone reading this answered that they do.

Did you know that when you are buying eggs with the Canada Grade A symbol on the carton, you’re supporting Canadian egg farmers like Dave, Patrick and Al?

This year, Local Food Week is June 4 – 10 and we want to help answer some of your questions when it comes to the eggs you see and buy in the grocery store.

Eating local feels good. Not only does it feel good, but it looks, smells and tastes good too. So what is the secret to getting farm fresh eggs that were produced by a local Ontario egg farmer? It’s actually easy.

All you need to do is look for the maple leaf on the carton. The maple leaf is the symbol that your eggs have been certified Grade A for freshness and quality.


The best part of this little maple leaf? It’s available at any location where eggs are sold in Canada! Yup, all the grocery stores that you go to on a regular basis will have them!

As long as the carton you’re buying has the maple leaf on it, those eggs are Canadian and come from a local farmer.

So what exactly is a “Grade A” egg? All eggs that are sold in Canada must meet the Grade A standard set by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. This means that they are all inspected for freshness and quality before they arrive at the grocery store. Eggs are inspected to ensure the yolk is well-centred, to check the size of the air sac in the egg and that the shell is clean, thick and uncracked.

Our farmers do their best job to ensure the eggs they provide are safe, nutritious and affordable for Ontario consumers.

So celebrate this Local Food Week by picking up a carton of nature’s multivitamin at the grocery store and feel good about supporting local, Ontario egg farmers.