Celebrate Local Food Week with Ontario Eggs

This article was posted by sbrien@getcrac… on May 24th, 2019

Local Food week is June 3-7 and we’re taking the opportunity to share the beauties that are local Ontario eggs!

This week, we are celebrating the hard work done by the approximately 500 Ontario egg and pullet farm families.

Families like the Mulders, Chaudarys and Ottens work hard to make sure fresh eggs go from farms like theirs to your grocery store in only four to seven days.

Have you ever wondered how eggs get there though? Or what happens in between? That process is called grading.

The grading process is a very important step to ensure that your eggs are farm fresh, the highest quality and safe for your family to enjoy.


Check out the step-by-step process or if you’d rather see it for yourself, then watch the video down below to follow the egg on its journey from the farm to the grocery store shelf.

  • The egg is laid by the hen and is collected by the farmer using a series of conveyor belts set up throughout the barn.
  • The farmer packages the eggs onto flats which are stored in a cooler awaiting pick up by the grader.
  • A refrigerated truck will deliver the eggs to the grading station.
  • From there the egg flats are unloaded onto another conveyor which passes through an egg washing station where hot water and a mild, food-safe detergent are used to clean the egg of any dirt or debris.
  • Once clean, the eggs are candled. This is a process where the eggs are passed over a very bright light to see any imperfections or cracks in the eggs. If any are found, that egg is removed.
  • By removing those eggs with any imperfections, we ensure only Grade A eggs make it to the store.
  • The eggs are then sorted, by weight, into their cartons. The cartons are placed in boxes which are then returned to a large cooler.
  • The eggs will be picked up by another refrigerated truck and delivered to a grocery store near you!


Follow along in our Farm to Table video below!