Ottens Families

Bob & Dave
1st generation egg farmers
Grey County
White, brown, free run and free range

What would you like people to know about quality hen care?

“To us, it is all about providing the best care for our birds – it’s the focus of everything we do. It is important to provide water, food and a comfortable environment for our hens. It is our job to make sure our hens live a good and healthy life. When our birds are healthy, they produce safe, high-quality, nutritious eggs for Ontario consumers.”

Why did you choose this housing system?

“We chose different housing systems for our hens to be able to give consumers a choice in buying eggs.”

What is your favourite part of being an egg farmer?

“Our favourite part is being able to work with family every day, doing something that you enjoy. We love going into the barns every day, walking through the birds, seeing them healthy and content.“

“It makes us feel good to know the work we put into caring for our hens allows them to produce eggs that can feed Ontario consumers.”

Ottens family