Egg Quality Assurance

There’s a lot behind EQA.



What does the EQA symbol stand for?

Egg Quality Assurance. This logo proudly represents an industry-wide initiative that certifies all Canadian eggs are produced to the highest quality and meet world-class standards and strict protocols. But above all, it tells you that the eggs are fresh and come from local Canadian family egg farms.


EQA Food Safety


Animal Care

A comprehensive animal care program is a key component of EQA. The program ensures that hens have a comfortable environment, a well-balanced and nutritious diet, fresh water and clean surroundings on Canadian egg farms.

EQA Farmers photo

Food Safety

The EQA symbol also guarantees that the eggs meet strict standards for food safety. This includes mandated on-farm protocols for storage, cleanliness, air quality, feed and record keeping.



Where to look for EQA

Look for the EQA symbol on egg cartons in grocery stores, on menu boards, at restaurants and on egg product packaging. When you see this symbol, you’ll know the eggs meet these standards, are the highest quality and come from Canadian egg farms.


Look for EQA-certified eggs today!

Visit the EQA website here.