Chaudary Family

2nd generation egg farmer
Niagara Region
White Omega-3 eggs

How did your family become egg farmers?

“Both of my parents were born in Pakistan. Before moving to Canada in the 1970s, my parents moved to Saudi Arabia and then to Denmark. My family settled in the Niagara region and bought our first egg farm in 1977. As a family, we continued to work and grow the farm. Before deciding to farm full time, I briefly moved to Louisiana to work on the resurrection of oil wells. After three years, I decided that being an egg farmer was what I wanted to do, so I moved back to the family farm.”

“We built our most recent barn in 2012 and have plans to update another barn in the near future to enriched colony housing. It is important to us to research how we build our barn; I am always trying to learn how we can improve the care for our hens.”

My proudest moment as an egg farmer is…

“In 2012, I designed and created a new barn that I had always dreamed of building and operating. I am proud of the fact that other farmers visit my barn and use my design to improve their own facilities.”