Aric and Andrea

Bos Family

Aric and Andrea
3rd generation egg farmers
Huron County
Enriched hen housing, brown eggs

Why did you choose to become an egg farmer and what does it mean to you?

We love being able to provide healthy, quality food for people. We especially love knowing our eggs are enjoyed by consumers every day.

How do you define hen care and why is it important to you?

Making sure our  hens have absolutely everything they need, to the highest standard possible Hen care is our #1 priority.

What would you like consumers to understand about quality hen care?

We personally take care of the hens ourselves. We spend every day making sure our hens have everything they need.

What are the main characteristics of your housing system?

Our enriched colony housing means that each hen has space to move around, multiple perch options, unlimited access to feed and water as well as a nesting area to lay their eggs in.

Why did you choose enriched colony housing?

We wanted a housing system that provides the best welfare for the hens and we wanted it to be a system that fulfills consumer desire for high-quality eggs.