Wynette Family

Wynette Family

Julie and Kyle
3rd generation egg farmers
Perth County
White eggs

What is a special memory of yours from the farm growing up?

The chicken barn was the hub of our family and the place where we spent the majority of our time. Whether my sisters and I were getting along or not, the chicken barn is where we ended up. We grew up in the barn, and I would like the same for my kids.

How do you raise your hens on the farm?

The way that we raise our hens in our barn is through an enriched colony system where hens can practice their natural behaviours like perching and scratching. Hens also have 24-hour access to water and feed, and enjoy a constant, comfortable temperature 365 days out of the year.

How does it feel to provide eggs to Ontario consumers?

Being able to provide eggs to Ontario consumers is exciting to us, and not a job we take lightly. We are honoured and proud to be able to do what we do. People are more interested in where their food comes from. It’s nice to be able to show them that their food is coming from a farm like ours, and farmers that care about the animals that they are housing and the product that they are providing.

What are some tough challenges you face as an egg farmer?

One of the challenges that we face as egg farmers is that the world is constantly changing; science, technology, and animal welfare are always improving. Keeping up with those demands and finding that balance of what’s good for the farmer and the consumer can be a challenge, but something we do as farmers quite well.