Vyn Family

Colin & Nicole
1st generation egg farmers
white eggs

Why did you choose to become an egg farmer?  

Being able to hold that egg in your hands that the hens you have cared for laid. It’s remarkable to know that you are producing a healthy, sustainable, safe and affordable food with such a great story behind it.

Why is hen care important to you?

Laying hens will naturally lay an egg and produce safe food for our consumers.  We provide the hens everything they need to be healthy. The barn is warm and safe, which allows them to exhibit their natural behaviours.

 What would you like consumers to understand about quality hen care?

We are passionate about going to the barn multiple times a day to check on and care for our hens.  We enjoy doing this and gives us purpose in life!

Who works on the farm and what are their roles?

Colin is responsible for caring for the hens and Nicole, the egg collection.  During the spring planting season and fall harvest, Nicole and the kids run the entire barn as Colin is spending long days in the fields growing grain crops for feed.