Hudson family

Hudson Family

6th generation egg farmers
Leeds and Grenville counties
White, brown, omega-3, organic, free run

What was it like growing up on an egg farm?

My first memories of the farm are out with Dad after hours doing the late-night barn checks. Dad would go in and we'd be checking on the birds to make sure they were okay. From making sure the fans were running and there was feed in the troughs, to catching chickens, moving birds, picking eggs on weekends and working in the grading station, I did pretty much every job you can do on an egg farm.

What do you wish more people knew about egg farming?

Egg farming is a way of life. It's 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. The birds are working hard for us every day and we have to work hard for them.

What is your favourite part about being an egg farm family?

We’re carrying on a legacy that was passed on to us by our great-grandfather, grandparents, father and mother; this is a legacy that has been passed through generations and we work every day to carry this legacy forward. We do this with the view that one day others will carry it on as well.