What Local Food Week Means to Me

This article was posted by Anonymous (not verified) on June 8th, 2016

Blog written by Chris Mullet Koop

Local Food Week is June 6-12 so it’s time to celebrate. As an Ontario egg farmer, an appreciation for local food is part of my every day. In actual fact, I am always celebrating local food!

When you choose local foods at markets, grocery stores, restaurants and cafeterias, you’re getting delicious food that is good for you, your family, local families and neighboring businesses. Choosing local foods builds communities. The agri-food sector is a huge economic driver in the province and supporting those who are part of it helps keep our whole economy strong. 

As a 5th generation farmer, I take pride in my responsibility and stewardship to exhibit good management and care for the land and animals on our farm. We are continuing our life long family tradition and take pride in providing Ontario families with healthy, safe, nutritious eggs.

Buying local food helps to preserve Ontario’s vibrant and rich open spaces. This land has many benefits for our health and environment, by sustaining vital ecosystems, natural heritage, and wildlife. In this way, buying local food is an investment in the future – you are helping to ensure that there will be farms in your community tomorrow!

My family and thousands of other Ontario farm families provide a variety of local food choices to the province.This commitment lasts throughout the year, whether you are buying eggs, wine, cheese or beef and anything in between, grown in Ontario is something that is grown with care.

When asked why I do what I do, the answer is simple. I am passionate and dedicated to growing safe, healthy food for the greater population. When buying local, there is close connection, commitment, awareness, relationship, and so much more that one experiences in the act. I love local! Ontario has some of the best food. Why would you choose anything else?

You can help celebrate local food week by looking for the Foodland Ontario logo when shopping, or by using the hashtag #LoveONTFood on your posts to share why you love local foods.

To see more from my farm, visit https://www.getcracking.ca/our-farmers/mullet-koop.