Celebrate World Egg Day this October!

This article was posted by sbrien@getcrac… on September 23rd, 2016
  1. Follow Egg Farmers of Ontario on Social Media!

    A little self-promotion never hurt anyone...

  2. Vote for your local food bank to help Beat Hunger!

    Because helping out a good cause feels good!
  3. Try a new recipe!
    This Herbed Squash & Kale Quiche will put you in the fall mood!
  4. Show how you Bring Home the World using eggs with #Foodland40

    Take us on a culinary adventure with your local food!
  5. Condition your hair!

    For those days when regular shampoo just won't cut it!
  6. Sign up for Eggs & Bakin'!

    New & delicious recipes, straight to your inbox!
  7. Do a bit of fall gardening

    Don't throw out your shells, repurpose them and get your winter herb garden started.
  8. Do some magic tricks!

    Have some fun with your kids!
  9. DIY Facemask

    Egg on your face doesn't have to be a bad thing!
  10. Tell an egg joke!

    Egg jokes are just eggs-trodinary
  11. Why not try another new recipe?

    This Quiche Lorraine is simple and delicious!
  12. Make sure to check our social media!

    We've teamed up with World Curling Champions Team Homan for something special!
  13. It's World Egg Day!

    A day entirely devoted to eggs! Why not try some worldy egg recipes?
  14. What about an egg carton craft?

    Get started on your indoor winter garden!
  15. Make heart eggs!

    Show someone how much you love them!
  16. Clean your shoes!

    Egg whites are a great way to give your shoes a shiny new look!
  17. Create your own egg recipe!

    Get your creativity on!
  18. Try an Eggs-periment

    Mixing eggs and science is so eggs-citing!
  19. It's a quiche-y month

  20. This Primavera Quiche is sure to impress!
  21. Go to an Ottawa Senators game!
    20151201vPHI CS JC225.jpeg

    Did you know that eggs are The official protein of the Ottawa Senators?
  22. Water your plants!

    Starting your indoor herb garden? Use the water from your hard boiled eggs to give a little extra oomph.

  23. Vote for your local food bank again!

    Help you local food bank win some eggs!
  24. Share some egg trivia!

    Did you know that eggs that have been in your fridge for a while will be easier to peel when hard boiled?
  25. Get some Italian inspiration!

    This Cheesy Chicken Caprese Quiche is so capr-easy!
  26. "Visit' an egg farm!

    Virtual Farm Tours let you see whats happening inside the egg barn!
  27. Connect with an egg farmer!
    Here are some awesome farmers to follow!
    Chris Mullet Koop - @elmfarm32
    Margaret Hudson - @eggladybbf
    Jake Pelissero - @jakeandeggs
    Megan Veldman - @mveld26
    Tonya Haverkamp - @tutz81
  28. Make Brinner!

    Is it breakfast? Is it dinner? Who cares!   
  29. Get yourself into the Halloween spirit!

    Devilled eggs on Devil's night are appropriate.
  30. Dress up like an egg!

    Become your favourite food!