The Eisses Family

Fully committed to their hens
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It’s all about caring.

Even though Harry and his son-in-law Jeff have been farming together for quite some time, it didn’t start out that way. So when Jeff and his wife Monica decided 13 years ago to come home and raise their three children on the farm, Harry and his wife Willy couldn’t have been happier. Since that time, the family has enjoyed working together.

“Being part of this family operation, it just feels right,” says Jeff.

But like many things, over time, the need to update their facility was required.  With this in mind, the family felt it was their responsibility to research the latest innovations in egg farming. They travelled through Canada, Europe and the United States trying to find the right housing system that was not only suitable for the hens, but also for the people working with them and for the consumers who enjoy their eggs.

Through their travels, the family discovered enriched colony housing and felt that it offered many of the benefits they were looking for.

“It’s got perches in it, it’s got nesting areas where they can go to lay their eggs with a comfortable mat on it, they’ve got scratch areas, full access to feed and water,” says Jeff. “The end goal of us every day on the farm is that our birds are healthy and content. If our birds are healthy and they’re content and we treat them with the respect that they deserve, we have the full feed that they need to produce that egg, they deliver right back to us.”

For the family, it’s about caring for each other while caring for their hens. As Jeff likes to say, they always want to do what’s best for their birds.

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