Enriched Colony

Naturally-sized social groups with perches, scratch areas and private nest boxes benefit hen health and welfare.


More about Enriched Colony Housing

Enriched colony housing, first developed in Europe, has evolved to maximize hen health and welfare by moving birds away from their own manure and its many pathogens, into elevated, hygienic housing with stable social groups of 30 to 60 hens.

This housing provides dramatic results in: low hen mortality; preventing deaths by predators and insect infestations; virtual elimination of disease and antibiotic use while improving food safety, environmental sustainability and consumer affordability.

Enriched colony housing gives hens more space than conventional, smaller group housing. Hens have room to move around, use the perches and scratch pads and lay eggs in nest boxes designed into this modern housing style. Many farmers and hen welfare experts believe this type of housing provides the best combination of benefits among all the housing system standards defined in the Code of Practice.