Meet the Nairn Family

G & M Nairn Farms
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Nairn Farms is owned and operated by husband and wife team Gary and Marlene Nairn. Gary bought the farm, his first, back in 1979, and, together, the couple started farming when they were married in 1983. They’ve been farming ever since. In 1993, Gary and Marlene bought Gary’s family farm, making them the fifth generation to live on the land. The family produces both white and brown eggs.

Currently, Gary and Marlene own Nairn Farms. However, their four children and their partners – Jeff and Cheryl, Jill and Ryan, and sons Ian and Adam – do help when they are needed. Jill and Cheryl are involved in the day to day operation and Adam has purchased his own farm where he raises conventional and free range hens.

“Our challenge will be to ensure that each one has the opportunity to farm if they desire,” says Marlene.

“We are very proud of the work that we do to produce a nutritional, inexpensive food,” says Marlene. “We enjoy managing the barns and looking after the flocks of hens that are in them. It is a great career and one that we find we are able to manage and have an active life as well. Of course, always having fresh eggs available is a huge bonus!”

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