Storing devilled and hard-cooked eggs......easily!

This article was posted by Anonymous (not verified) on July 5th, 2009

We've got the perfect container for toting devilled eggs to a picnic or potluck. Gone will be your worries about eggs slipping and sliding about on a plate or how you'll cover them! You will also be able to use the container to store eggs you've hard-cooked ahead for snacking or using in salads and sandwiches.

(By the way, hard-cooked eggs will keep for 5 to 7 days in your fridge.)


Made by Rubbermaid, Egg Farmers of Ontario's Snack Keeper will hold 20 devilled eggs or hard-cooked eggs.

It measures 13" x 9" x 2-1/4" (33 cm x 22 cm x 5.5 cm), has a lid and is top-rack dishwasher safe.

The Snack Keepers are not sold in stores in Canada but are available to Ontario residents through Egg Farmer's of Ontario.

They are $5.00 each plus $4.00 for shipping and handling. Please call 905-858-9790 or 800-387-8360 to order.

We're sometimes asked whether the Snack Keeper can be used for refrigerating fresh eggs in the shell. We don't recommend this since the eggshells may break when the lid is pushed down at the corners to secure it. Also, if you remove the eggs from the original carton in which you purchase them, you will lose the Best Before date that is stamped on the end of the carton.