These light and creamy eggs are sure to disappear first on a buffet table. Personalize the eggs with one of the suggested toppers or create your own family favourite. For "devillish" eggs, add your favourite hot sauce to the yolk mixture.


Carefully scoop yolks into a bowl. Set whites on a serving plate, cover and set aside.

Using a fork mash the yolks. Add mayonnaise and mustard and mash until blended. Stir in chives, salt and pepper. With a small spoon mound yolk mixture into whites. Sprinkle with paprika (if using) or one of the suggested toppers. 

Variation: To make Wasabi Stuffed Eggs,omit mustard powder, salt and pepper. Add 2 tsp (10mL) wasabi paste or to taste and1-1/2 tsp (7mL) white wine vinegar. Optional garnishes: sliced red onion or chives or chopped avocado with crab.

Tip: Hard cook extra eggs to have on hand for a great portable snack or just in case one does not slice evenly. Refrigerate in a covered container for up to one week.
Tip: Cut a think slice off the underside of each egg white so that the eggs won't tip over when filling or serving.
Tip: For the softest texture service devilled eggs immediately or cover and refrigerate for up to 8 hours.

Brought to you by: Egg Farmers of Ontario