Fresh from the shell

What “Fresh From the Shell” Means for Your Business

  • Fresh means natural and unprocessed. This is important to today’s customer.
  • More customer appeal with shell eggs! Freshness is very important to foodservice customers. How can you beat the look of a fresh sunny side up fried egg or the creamy yolk of Eggs Benedict? For appetite appeal and fresh flavour, nothing beats a fresh shell egg.
  • Fresh also means better taste! Shell eggs reach your operation within 5 to 7 days of leaving the farm.
  • Control your food and labour costs. Fresh shell eggs come naturally portion packed. You only need to use what you need when you need it.
  • No food wastage! When fresh shell eggs are stored properly, their natural, protective shell makes them virtually immune to odour and flavour absorption from other products in the cooler.

Wondering how shell eggs can be optimized off-premise for your business? Listen to our webinar here!

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