Egg Farmers of Ontario gets offers for first sales under its new quota transfer system scheduled for March
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MISSISSAUGA, January 30, 2014 - Egg Farmers of Ontario (EFO) has received offers to transfer egg and pullet quota under the first scheduled operation through its new electronic quota transfer system in March.

Buyers and sellers of Ontario egg and pullet quota will now conduct transfers through a transparent and accessible electronic transfer system.

Under the new transfer system, there is a published schedule for the exchange to operate quarterly. If sufficient quota is offered to operate an exchange, the volume on offer is made public so potential bidders can take part in the exchange.

The offer deadline for the March exchange was January 23. 21,407 units of layer quota and 78,058 units of pullet quota have been offered for transfer. Potential buyers now have until the bid deadline of February 27 to submit bids.

 “This is the first milestone as EFO launches a new and improved quota market mechanism for its farmers,” said EFO Chair Scott Graham.

“EFO consulted extensively with egg and pullet farmers to design the details of a made-in-Ontario quota transfer system that works for our farmers,” Graham added.

Ontario egg farmers will have a regularly-scheduled market where all buyers and sellers are guaranteed access and can participate on fair and equal terms.  “All buyers and sellers will benefit from the accessibility of an effective, organized quota transfer system,” Graham said.

More information about EFO’s quota transfer system is available in the About Us section on our website at


Egg Farmers of Ontario represents the approximately 440 egg farmers and pullet growers in Ontario. It is an independent, self-governing organization funded entirely by egg and pullet farmers.

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