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March 7 & 8, 2024


Day 1:

59th Annual Meeting Chair’s Address with Greetings from Ontario Premier Doug Ford

Scott Helps, Chair, Egg Farmers of Ontario    Video

CEO Report

Ryan Brown, CEO, Egg Farmers of Ontario     Video

Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission (OFPMC)

Amy Cronin, Chair, OFPMC     Video

EFO’s Pullet Report

Alvin Brunsveld, Pullet Director     Video

Pullet Industry Working Group Report

Kristen Thompson‐Dow, Co-Chair, Working Group     Video

National Young Farmers Program Presentation from 2023 Ontario Delegates

John Huitema and Claire Ross     Video

EFO’s Public Affairs Report

Donna Lange, Director of Public Affairs    Video

Rights and Economic Development for Nepal’s Empowered Women (RENEW) Project

Scott and Laurie Graham, Tonya Haverkamp, Hubert and Cindy Schillings, Kayla Veldman, Donna Lange    Video

Chair’s Reception – Get Cracking Award

Laurent Souligny     Video


Day 2:

Keynote Speaker:  The Changing Consumer

Darrell Bricker, CEO, IPSOS Public Affairs & Expert on National/International Trends (Video Not Available)

Member of Provincial Parliament, Niagara West

Sam Oosterhoff     Video

Farm Products Council of Canada (FPCC)

Bonnie den Haan, Vice Chair, FPCC     Video

Egg Farmers of Canada (EFC) Report

Roger Pelissero, Chair, EFC

Drew Black, CEO, EFC     Video

Auditor’s Report

Jennifer Riddell, Partner, RLB LLP     Video

United Egg Producers Report

Chad Gregory, President and CEO, UEP     Video



  1. Final Agenda (English / French)
  2. 58th Annual Meeting Highlights (English / French)
  3. Partner reports:
    1. Feather Board Command Centre (English / French)
    2. Farm & Food Care Ontario (English / French)
    3. Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (English / French)
    4. Poultry Industry Council (English / French)
  4. Egg Farmers of Canada information:
    1. NESTT postcard (English / French)
    2. Eggs and cardiovascular risk factors research summary (English / French)
    3. Infectious bronchitis research summary (English / French)
    4. Eggs for Babies booklet (English / French
    5. Healthy You! booklet (English / French
    6. NESTT demonstration video (English / French)



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