Egg & Pullet Farmers' Workshop 2016
November 29 & 30, 2016
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Please see below for information to be presented at the 2016 Egg & Pullet Farmers' Workshop

Workshop Agenda

Policy Changes for 2016

Quota Statistics

Statistical Package

Pullet Tracking & Traceability

2017 New Entrant Proposal

EFO's 2017 Strategic Business Planning Farmers' Input (Not available)

Silent Auction


Video & Presentations

Bruce Muirhead, University of Waterloo






Panel Discussion - Egg & Pullet Farming Pre Fair Farm Pricing


Moderator: EFO Chair, Scott Graham

Panelist: Bill Gray, Grader; Craig Hunter, Hatchery; Eric Kaiser, Egg Farmer; Minne Van Der Molen, Pullet Grower